A Tahaa Affair

Vanilla Caramel
8.4 fl oz. Fragrance Diffuser

A refill of our clever flameless scent solution for uninterrupted ambience. Ambrosial with lush caramel and coconut, it’ll transport you to the beaches of Tahaa.

Fragrance Strength

The most intense of fragrance that fills the room, suitable for a large area where the fragrance throw will go far.

About the Fragrance

Fragrance Family

Diffuser Refill Care

Northwest of nowhere in the turquoise belt of the South Pacific lies Tahaa. A perfectly lush green haven to sail to whenever. Vanilla bean, frankincense and coconut layer together, and you’re there in the warm sweet air of the vanilla island.

The A Tahaa Affair Vanilla Caramel 250mL Fragrance Diffuser Refill is part of the Gourmand Fragrance Family. Gourmand fragrances replicate the wonders of food ingredients. Sometimes fresh and fruity, other times sweet and decadent, but always delectable and ready to party.


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Keep out of direct sunlight, sources of heat, with the cap screwed on tightly to avoid evaporation.


Once poured into an empty Diffuser bottle with reeds added, you can expect the contents of your Diffuser Refill to last up to three months, however timings do vary depending on the fragrance, how often the reeds are turned, and the environment in which the Fragrance Diffuser is placed.


8.4 fl oz. Fragrance Diffuser
Vanilla Caramel


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