“Gardenia is my favorite flower. The citrusy jasmine earthiness of its plain white flowers on green waxy shrub leaves is so clean and simple—it’s a distinct reward, especially considering how challenging they are to grow. No wonder gardenia is a symbol of loyalty and clarity. Count me as a devotee.”

Say no more, Nicole. We set out to create something we’ve never attempted, and no other brand has succeeded in doing—a fine fragrance meditation on the Gardenia, an ode to our founder’s favorite.

Achieving a pure reflection of any natural perfection might sound simple. It’s only one scent. Surely that’s easier to make than the masterful blend of multiple notes we’re used to from Glasshouse Fragrances? On the contrary, it’s a nearly impossible feat because of the scent’s simplicity. Like a masterful solo that soars alone, there are no other instruments to cover a single misstep. It must be pure, framed by silence, for all to hear. And the scent of the Gardenia itself is especially difficult to mirror because it’s so uniquely nuanced and layered. So, we kept working.

One day, after many more hours than we’ve ever spent developing a fragrance, we sat as Nicole smelled with her eyes closed, and smiled. We’d done it.

Through loyalty and clarity, we had grown our own Gardenia. We now all count ourselves as devotees, and we’re excited to share our new ultra-premium fragrance with you today. French for unforgettable, we present...


Gardénia Inoubliable



A nature-identical fragrance developed by CEO and co-Founder Nicole Eckels in partnership with a team of the world's leading Perfumers in Grasse, France.

Top Notes: Fresh Greens, Fruity, Citrus Zest
Middle Notes: Gardenia, Soft Florals, Jasmine, Rose
Base Notes: Rosewood, Green Foliage, Creamy Vanilla