While our soy candles and diffusers have been go-to home scent solutions for eons, it’s time to introduce a new (and exciting) addition to the Glasshouse Fragrances range. Meet Interior Fragrances, our answer to room sprays. Intended to offer Scent Addicts a set-and-forget option for long-lasting fine fragrance (no need to worry about snuffing out your candle or turning over your fragrance reeds), they promise enduring perfume that fills the air. Packaged in pleasingly hefty glass bottles and featuring a premium, European-designed spray nozzle, our Interior Fragrances deliver a fine mist for maximum room coverage in an instant. 


150mL Interior Fragrance, $40.00

Best For: Instant Zen

Looking for a little serenity? This transcendent scent transports you in moments, calling forth visions of camellia and lotus flowers floating in a tranquil pond. It also has zing, courtesy of fresh lime and bergamot. 



150mL Interior Fragrance, $40.00

Best For: Boosting Energy

Super-fresh, it’s all crystal clear water and zippy Limoncello. It’s light and energising (perfect for lifting your mood), but still has incredible depth thanks to lavender, moss and patchouli. A great everyday scent mist.